Patron Pro 1.5.9: Minor Security Vulnerability Fixed

Patron Pro 1.5.9 is out and it fixes a minor vulnerability that could allow an attacker to tamper with your plugin settings. Updating is recommended.

You can update through your WP admin (or the plugin admin) if you have saved your license to WP admin -> Patron Pro -> Addons menu. Otherwise you can download the latest version of the plugin from your Codebard account and upload to your site.

If you dont have an active license or you need to get a license for a new site, you can get one here. Do remember to use the HAPPYBLACKFRIDAY2023 discount code in the checkout page’s discount code section to get an ~30% discount with the subscription option.

Patron Plugin Pro: Locked Post Label Fix And Important Security Fixes

Patron Pro 1.5.8 is out and it has various important fixes:

The “Already a member? Refresh…” label that needed to appear below the locked posts was missing. This label should now appear and change depending on the user or the patron accordingly.

Certain forms and settings were not saving when changing settings. These were fixed and those settings now should save correctly.

Some settings tabs were not working correctly. Now they should display and get selected correctly.

A potential vulnerability to x-site attacks and various PHP warnings were fixed.

This is an important update so you should update your plugin as soon as you can.

Important: Varnish cache can interfere with Patreon unlock/login

We discovered that Varnish cache that is used by some web hosts can interfere with Patreon unlock/login flows at your WordPress site due to its cache logic. Because the Patreon flow does not end by logging the user in at the traditional WordPress login routes and instead uses a specific url at your site that it has to use for being able to contact the Patreon API, Varnish cache can interfere with this flow by caching various aspects of your site.

If you are experiencing problems with your members not being able to unlock your content or login at your site, or if the members are not able to access content that their tiers should allow them to, do contact your web host and ask about varnish cache and whether it is caching your site at url. And if it does, ask them to configure the Varnish cache for your site so that it will not cache anything that happens at that url.

Patron Pro: New version fixes an important bug – make sure to upgrade

Patron Pro is out with 1.5.5 version and it fixes an important bug that can interfere with certain features of WP management that may be used in your web host. Namely, this version fixes a bug that can interfere with certain features of the important WP CLI utility that many web hosts use. Do try to make sure that you upgrade your plugin as soon as possible.

Additionally this version brings various improvements and small fixes. The ‘Custom Patron Only Banner’ label in one of the metaboxes in WP admin -> Post editor has been renamed to ‘Sneak Peek’ for more clarity. Additionally, there are various PHP warning & notice fixes.

You can upgrade your plugin from your WP admin if you have your Patron Pro license or All Access license active & saved in your WP admin -> Patron Pro -> Addons menu. If you dont have a license or the license has expired, you can manually renew it via the Codebard site at

All Access members’ licenses dont expire. So if you are an All Access member, you dont need to acquire & renew any licenses.

New Version Of Patron Pro Is Out!

Patron Pro 1.5.4 is out and it brings various important fixes and improvements ranging from better pledge calculation to accessibility. Upgrading is strongly recommended.

Read the full details of the update here.

You can update from your WP admin when you receive the update notice. If you are unable to update and get an error about a valid download link not being provided, make sure that you entered your license correctly in your WP admin -> Patron Pro -> Addons -> License. You can find your downloads and licenses at your Codebard account at